Registration for Eastern States 100 for 2024 Announced; Race Changes

Registration for Eastern States 100 for 2024 Announced; Race Changes

Registration for Eastern States 100 for 2024 will begin at 6PM EST on Friday, November 24, 2023. The date of the race is on August 10th through the 11th, 2024, beginning at Little Pine State Park at 5AM (same start time, same place as previous races.) The cost remains at $295.00 USD.

Eastern States website | Eastern States Online Registration

Qualification Standard

We no longer require a qualifying race to enter Eastern States. We’ve found that success at other races and shorter distances has little bearing on your ability to succeed here, so we leave it up to you to decide if you are capable and ready for our mountains. But please believe us when we say that our climbs are relentless, our trails are rough, our weather can be hot, storms are frequent and sometimes severe… if you are inexperienced or underprepared, you are likely to fail here. (Consider that the overall finish rate at ES100 since our start in 2014 is 50.3%, and has been in the 30%s in the hot years.)

Check the maps, read race reports, ask other runners on social media — do your homework before you decide to enter. But this decision is on you, and we will ignore any emails asking us if we think you are ready for this race (if you have to ask, the answer is probably “no”).

Increasing Our Participant Cap

We are increasing are participant cap from 250 to 300 participants. This increase in the number of participants will be added to the “solo-division” only. Solo means “no crew and no pacers.” (180 crewed runners and 120 solo runners from 70 runners last year.) We were permitted by PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources to increase our cap since this would not impact the number of vehicles on state forest roads, number of people present at aid stations, and minimally impact trail usage.

Eastern States in No Longer an UTMB Qualifier Event

In late-October 2023, Eastern States 100 and the Eastern States Trail-Endurance Alliance have cut ties with UTMB. We are ending our status as an “Index Race”, and will no longer be associated in any way with the UTMB/Ironman organization. For more on our position on this, please read a previous web and social media post from late-October.

Stay Tuned for More News

We have some more news forthcoming in the days, weeks and months ahead. We hope that this news will make the race more exciting, inclusive, and a true achievement to anyone who dares to try. Please continue to check our social media outlets and on this news page for those who don’t use social media, for the latest on Eastern States 100.

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