Race Information

Eastern States Summary

Eastern States is a 103-mile single-loop trail race (98% single/double-track) in the Wilds region of the Allegheny Plateau in north-central Pennsylvania.  The race circumnavigates a portion of the stunning Pine Creek watershed that includes some of our longest climbs and most technical and remote terrain.  It visits storied trails like the Mid State Trail and the Black Forest Trail, and accumulates over 20,000 feet of climbing in the process — all in the glorious heat and humidity of August.  This is graduate-level trail running that will both test and fulfill you in so many ways.

Eastern States Details

Race date:
August 10 and 11, 2024

5:00-8:pm: Start/Finish: Pavilion #2 (between the parking lot and the lake) at Little Pine State Park
-Bib Pick Up/Confirmation (Mandatory for all runners)

*All runners must check in with picture ID to receive their bibs and also must check in again race morning if picking up their bibs on Friday evening.

3:30-4:45: Race Check-in (Mandatory check-in)
3:30-4:45: Drop bag drop-off at Drop Bag Pavilion (Pavilion #1)
Fresh-brewed Bason Coffee and breakfast available!
4:45am: Pre-race briefing (at the start line)
5:00am: Start
6:16am: Sunrise
8:12pm: Sunset

3:10am: Moonrise (31.5% waxing crescent)
6:17am: Sunrise
5:00pm: Cutoff (36 hours


Qualification Standard

We no longer require a qualifying race to enter Eastern States. We’ve found that success at other races and shorter distances has little bearing on your ability to succeed here, so we leave it up to you to decide if you are capable and ready for our mountains. But please believe us when we say that our climbs are relentless, our trails are rough, our weather can be hot, storms are frequent and sometimes severe… if you are inexperienced or underprepared, you are likely to fail here. (Consider that the overall finish rate at ES100 since our start in 2014 is 50.3%, and has been in the 30%s in the hot years.)

Check the maps, read race reports, ask other runners on social media — do your homework before you decide to enter. But this decision is on you, and we will ignore any emails asking us if we think you are ready for this race (if you have to ask, the answer is probably “no”).

Our Other Races

The Ironstone 100K. Legs of Iron. Resolve Like a Stone.

No pacers. Minimal Aid Stations. 2 p.m. Start.

Ironstone 100K is a savage point-to-point 100 kilometer ultramarathon on the wildest trails in the Alleghenies. Amazing in its terrain and rich in heritage, the ultramarathon starts at Canoe Creek State Park in Blair County and utilizes the Standing Stone, Mid State, and Lower Trails before ending in Greenwood Furnace State Park in Huntingdon County.
With its unforgiving technical terrain, it has earned a spot as one of the most challenging ultras in the region, on par with races like Eastern States 100, Black Forest 100K and Worlds End Ultramarathon.
The race begins at 2pm in Canoe Creek State Park and soon travels along the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River on the Lower Trail – a fast and flat section of rail trail.
The most unique feature of the Ironstone 100K is the ridge running atop Tussey Mountain on one of the longest named ridges in the Appalachians – a folded and fractured ridgeline of sandstone and quartzite – on the Mid State Trail. Other features include old-growth pines at Alan Seeger Natural Area, a mountain pass at Little Juniata Natural Area, craggy ledges at Indian Wells and eventually onto the Standing Stone Trail and to the finish at the historic Greenwood Furnace State Park.

Our Partners

Trail Sisters was created to constitute for an equitable outdoors both recreationally and throughout the industry. Female voice and representation are essential in the future of our outdoors, impacting the role we play both on and off the trails.

To break through long-standing barriers, Trail Sisters generates educational content and resources, while fostering an inspirational community that encourages self-advocacy and life-long friendships. Eastern States 100 is proud to be Trail Sisters Approved.