Race Update (aid station changes)

We’re pleased to announce two changes to the race for 2023:
First, we’re closing the aid station at Slate Run (the old AS10, at mile 63.9) and moving it a mile downstream to Tomb Flats (mile 62.9). Now, as part of your ES100 grand tour of the Pine Creek watershed, you’ll finally get to dip your feet in Pine Creek. Actually you’ll wade across it (with a safety line and qualified safety personnel on-site) to Tomb Flats, where the Idiotrunner team will be waiting for you with another world-class aid station. This station has much more space and easier crew access than the old one, and it eliminates the out-and-back across the Slate Run bridge (which you’ll still cross once, on your way back to the Black Forest Trail from the Pine Creek rail-trail). (Note: “Tomb” is the name of a prominent early settler to the region. It rhymes with “dome” and there’s absolutely no doom, gloom, or innuendo involved…)

Runners will enter Pine Creek from this vantage point, across the creek, to Tomb Flat Campground on the other end.

Second, we’re consolidating two aid stations – Algerine (the old AS11, at mile 69.3) and Long Branch (the old AS11, at mile 75.8 ) – into the new Cedar Run Aid Station at mile 72.7 (next to the bridge over Cedar Run at the intersection of Leetonia Road and Mine Hole Road). This new station is more accessible, easier to support, and it eliminates a couple of our shortest sections. Fair warning… this also creates the longest section without support in the race – the 9.8 miles between Tomb Flats and Cedar Run are tough, and they will test you. (But that’s one of the reasons you picked this race, right?) (And if you really needed that many aid stations, this might not be the race for you).Here’s the new aid station chart. (Note the new cutoff times at Tomb Flats and Cedar Run, and prepare accordingly…)

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